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Zero Day Discovery and Infosec Success Celebrations

With the world in quarantine and isolation because of COVID-19, I decided to publish a blog post reminding us of more cheerful times. Take yourself back to the last time you spent weeks hammering away at a seemingly impossible challenge, and quickly fast-forward to when you finished that problem. Do you remember your intense excitement and satisfaction? How did you celebrate your success? I asked security researchers how they celebrate finding 0days, APTs in the wild, new malware, and other big successes.  Here are the results. Thomas Roth @StackSmashing Founder of leveldown , co-founder of keylabsio "I once had a celebratory cake for an 0day" "otherwise I tend to [celebrate] with a nice beer in the evening :)" Thomas's celebratory 0day cake Ashley Shen @ashley_shen_920 Security Engineer at Google Threat Analysis Group "I usually celebrate with picking a restaurant from my do-eat list and have a good meal with friends :)"