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Guy's 30 Reverse Engineering Tips & Tricks

Good morning lovely people! During April I challenged myself to tweet 1 reverse engineering tip every day. For your viewing pleasure, here I aggregated all 30 tips. Be sure to follow me @whtaguy for my latest tweets and more reverse engineering extravaganza. Leave a comment on this post or tag me on Twitter - I reply pretty quickly :) If the tweets aren't displayed properly (for example if there are no pictures), temporarily turn off tracker protection, which blocks loading the required resources from twitter Tips & Tricks Tip 1 *Reverse Engineering Tip 1/30* long branch-less functions w/many xors & rols are usually hash functions. IDA view of MD5 func: #BinReversingTips — Guy🏂 (@whtaguy) April 1, 2020 Tip 2 -Reversing Tip 2/30- Building on the last tip, after finding a hash function, google its constant to identify the exact hash algorithm. #BinReversingTips — Guy🏂 (@whtaguy) Apri