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D-Link Router CVE-2021-27342 Timing Side-Channel Attack Vulnerability Writeup

I recently bought a new DIR-842 home router, and immediately (as any hacker would) started toying with it - I can’t call it mine until I pop a shell on it. Rather quickly I found I can enable telnet through the admin web gui, and then connect to telnet with an admin user. But that was too easy, so let’s see if we can find a bug/vulnerability. easy work getting a shell I continued looking for a bug in the router’s telnet implementation because it’s an attractive target: it’s remotely accessible, and as learned by previously connecting as system admin, it runs with high privileges. Also, instead of searching for a memory corruption vulnerability, I focused on finding a more easily exploitable logic vulnerability. CVE-2021-27342 Brute Force Protection Bypass The router’s telnet authentication is protected with an anti-brute force mechanism that limits an attacker’s password guessing speed by delaying the “access denied” response of failed logins. However, this protection’s implementation