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Bash LS Coloring Internals: How Does `ls` Know Which Colors To Use?

Many of us take for granted ls 's convenient display, and probably didn't ever stop to consider how it even knows which colors to use for which files. This very question sparked my curiosity and lead me to researching the internals of this mechanism. While ls is open source and you can read its code to understand the underlying logic, I decided not to do so as I wanted to take a black box approach. tl;dr at end of post How Does ls  Identify File Types? Do File Contents Matter? I engineered two simple test to check if ls takes into account a file's content when it chooses its color: I created empty files each with a different extension and ran ls to see which colors it selected for the files I exchanged the contents of an image and executable and ran ls to see which colors it selected for the files The first experiment showed that ls uses the filename's extension to select a color when the file is empty. Experiment #1: ls colors empty files

Garbage CAN!

I often take breaks from vulnerability hunting, and occasionally I find myself doing some really random things. For example, I stumbled across this poster and decided to make a version of my own. I wanted to make one that is slightly more offensive so that it can be gifted to a good friend. Here is the final result: GARBAGE CAN I used this image by PTNorbert with its free commercial license